More Troubles To Pile Up For Jubilee Party

It seems the ruling party is on a downward spiral. Last week, three legislators led by Wamuchomba defected to Ruto led UDA party. This was a significant blow to Jubilee as the politicians came from Mt Kenya region where the party enjoys substantial support.

Kandara Mp now has revealed chilling news that this is just the beginning of the end of Jubilee party. She has told Kenyans to watch an avalanche of exodus from the ruling party as more politicians join UDA. She said many people are moving away from Jubilee because it is a party characterized by dishonesty and deceit.

She disclosed that there was talks between UDA and some politicians including several governors to cross over from Jubilee and support the deputy president. She alluded that Wamuchomba had realized that Jubilee was a sinking ship.

“Wamuchomba realised that she was losing ground and it is her right to try her luck elsewhere,” Wahome said.

Kandara who has been a constant critic of the handshake said that there was conmanship in Jubilee and this will lead to its death. The vocal legislator has never come to terms with the working partnership between President Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

 “I have consistently said that Jubilee Party is dead as a dodo. This is regrettable because we did a lot of work on it but it is just filled with conmanship, there is nothing we can do because we cannot save a dying horse,” she said.

Finally Wahome expressed confidence that UDA was going to win the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Kiambaa. It is penned to be a showdown between UDA and Jubilee and who wins will get the bragging rights for Mt Kenya

“Let them prepare for a major political battle with UDA. We are in Kiambaa and we are not shying away. We want to bring the seat home under UDA,” she said.

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