Police Officer Holds Injured Driver Hostage

A driver was stranded on Tuesday after a traffic officer refused to alight from his vehicle after an accident in Runda.

According to the victim, he was involved in a minor accident with a second vehicle which was sorted.

However, one traffic officer got into the car and refused to descend without a bribe.

“My wife had a minor accident, and we settled the issue with the other driver. However, the officer demanded Kshs 2,000 to return our car keys,” the victim stated.

The driver was adamant and refused to pay as he recorded the ordeal.

The driver could be heard pleading with the officer to alight from the car and talk to his colleagues about the matter.

He complained that his wife was getting late for work due to the inconvenience caused by the officer. His wife was standing a short distance from the car.

On the other hand, the officer seemed unbothered, arms crossed, sarcastically as he stared at the driver. He also makes a call asking for backup seemingly from his colleagues.     

Agitated by the driver’s recording, the officer exited the car and attempted to take the phone away.

A confrontation ensued between the two and the driver fell injuring his knee.  

Later on, the driver and his wife managed to escape from the officer but he was puzzled at the behavior of the traffic officers.

The incident angered a section of Kenyans who accused the police force of being entitled to bribes from innocent Kenyans.

Recently, there have been incidents of law enforcement officers harassing motorists on the road with some assaulting them. 

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