A supporter of Azimio has urged Raila Odinga not to risk losing to William Ruto in a rematch because it may be disastrous.

The unidentified Raila Odinga fan claims that the candidate’s supporters are worn out and may never turn out to vote in a rerun.

Without any preparation, the former prime minister Raila Odinga has been trying to defeat William Ruto, the deputy president. On the contrary, William Ruto, the vice president, has taken the lead in luring new allies into his party.

The former prime minister Raila Odinga has been seeking a rerun against the deputy president William Ruto without preparing himself.

On the contrary, deputy president William Ruto has been at the forefront of welcoming new allies to his camp.

Ruto seems ruthlessly ready to face Raila Odinga in a rerun while Raila is heavily focused on the Supreme Court case. All indicators point out that indeed Kenya Kwanza is unstoppable given its latest strategies.

The president elects William Ruto has moved ahead for formulating a ruthless coalition that would propel him to power in case a rerun happens. Raila Odinga supporters are convinced that indeed they can’t match Ruto’s political war chest at the moment.

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