How Cows Helped Kawira Mwangaza Beat Kiraitu Murungi For Governor

The triumph of Kawira Mwangaza over Kiraitu Murungi in the Meru gubernatorial race is a captivating tale. When Kawira first declared her bid for governorship, skepticism loomed large. The incumbent Meru County women representative challenging the formidable Kiraitu Murungi seemed like a formidable task.

The intensity of Kawira’s gubernatorial campaign heightened in 2020 when she pledged to defeat Kiraitu Murungi. Initially dismissed by Kiraitu as a mere political novice with unattainable aspirations, Kawira proved her mettle.

Kawira’s political journey took root in 2013 when she vied for the Buuri constituency parliamentary seat but faced defeat. Undeterred, she embarked on a philanthropic initiative aimed at community betterment.

Kawira traversed Meru County, assisting the less fortunate, and her activities received extensive coverage from BAITE, a local TV station she co-owns with her husband.

In 2017, Kawira Mwangaza contested and emerged victorious in the Women Rep position, defeating the then incumbent, Florence Kajuju.

The turning point in Kawira’s strategy was the incorporation of dairy cows into her campaign efforts. As her gubernatorial campaign reached its peak, Kawira presented cows to needy voters in a highly publicized manner. This act, resembling a benevolent Messiah, resonated with the hearts of Meru residents, portraying Kawira as a compassionate leader on a mission to alleviate poverty.

Kawira’s generosity endeared her to voters, distinguishing her from her opponents. In the fiercely contested race, she outperformed both Mithika Linturi and Kiraitu Murungi, securing 209,158 votes. Mithika Linturi of UDA trailed with 183,859 votes, while Kiraitu Murungi finished third with 110,850 votes. The story of how cows played a pivotal role in Kawira Mwangaza’s electoral success is truly intriguing.

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