In a shocking development, a prominent spiritual leader in Pokot has been arrested in connection with banditry in the region.

The arrest was made by the Kenyan police, who have been conducting a crackdown on criminal activities in the area.

The spiritual leader, whose name has not been disclosed, was taken into custody after the police received intelligence linking him to a string of attacks and robberies in the region.

He is believed to have been using his position to incite and recruit young people into criminal activities.

According to the police, the suspect is a well-known figure in the area and has a significant following.

His arrest has caused consternation among his followers, who are reportedly in disbelief that their spiritual leader could be involved in such activities.

The police have assured the public that they will continue to pursue all those involved in banditry and other criminal activities in the region.

They have also urged the public to provide any information that could help in their efforts to maintain law and order in the area.

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