No Demos, Raila Changes Tune on Today’s Rally

Azimio leader Raila Odinga is set to initiate a signature collection campaign today as part of a fresh strategy aimed at ousting President William Ruto from power.

Departing from their previous approach, Raila will not personally lead the protests in Nairobi’s Central Business District, as initially planned.

Reliable sources have revealed that the Opposition leaders will gather at Kamukunji grounds for a Saba Saba rally, commemorating the 1990 revolution movement that fought for a multi-party system in the country.

“Raila will lead the rally in Nairobi but the other principals will be in their counties to show support for these demonstrations,” said a top leader aware of the plans.

He will be accompanied by a group of city leaders who will join him at the venue to address his supporters. Additionally, other coalition leaders will hold similar rallies in various selected towns and centers throughout the country.

This new plan, adopted by the opposition leaders, aims to collect 15 million signatures as a fresh form of resistance. The strategy involves organizing community gatherings (barazas) and continuing with signature collections on a weekly basis in specific towns.

However, it remains uncertain whether Raila’s supporters will march to the Central Business District (CBD) after the meeting, as some leaders have advocated for. Previous attempts to do so were met with police opposition, using tear gas canisters and water cannons.

The police have issued a warning against conducting demonstrations in the Central Business District (CBD), stating that they have only authorized a public rally at the designated venue. They have made it clear that any unauthorized gathering will be dispersed.

“We want to inform the members of the public that the only that we have legalised baraza is the one at Kamukinji and not a demonstration and we will be there to provide security,” Nairobi regional police boss Adamson Bungei has said.

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