Ruto Hakuiba Kura, Raila Now Changes Tune

Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga now says President William Ruto is not liable for the electoral malpractices that saw him lose his supposed win in the 2022 vote.

The longstanding opposition leader has constantly held to his stance that the presidential election was stolen to his disfavour.

Even while maintaining the position, Raila absolves Ruto of any wrongdoing.

Speaking to a local media house on Wednesday evening, Raila said the election was rigged in favour of Ruto, but the latter did not play an active role.

The ODM leader, however, found it untenable to recognise Ruto’s presidency, even subtly so.

He implied that the machinations were undertaken by secret forces that he did not mention.

“I know the facts where they are. I don’t blame Ruto. I know there were subterrenean forces who were involved in this process and they had ore international implications. I know that it was in the interest of the forces to do what they did. It is a much more complicated issue,” he said.

Raila argued that the election did not meet the parameters of an election as prescribed by the constitution and in law.

He put forth the question of transparency, verifiability and accountability, which he argued were unmet.

Raila faulted the Supreme Court for overlooking the foregoing aspects while coming up with its verdict in the presidential election petition.