Former Kiambu County Governor Hon William Kabogo has also said that he will follow and stick to what the residents of Kiambu wants as far as the upcoming 2022 general election is concerned.

According to the report by the standard media group on Wednesday, the Mt Kenya Ally has confirmed that he has decided to go back to the drawing board and come up with an elaborate plan that will ensure that he wins the presidential election come 2027.

He admitted that it’s now evident and clear that the upcoming 2022 Presidential election will be a two horse race.

In regards to his current plan, Governor Kabogo has now said he has bowed to pressure from the electorate and will now go for the governor’s seat.

The former governor has his own political vehicle, Tujibebe Wakenya Party. Waititu ganged up with Nyoro and the current head of Kiambu delivery unit John Mugwe to dislodge Kabogo in 2017.

But when asked who he will support between Raila and Ruto, the Mt Kenya Governor has indirectly said that he prefers Ruto after saying that he feels more safer in the hands of Musalia Mudavadi than any other leader.

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