Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta to refrain from talking down on Deputy President William Ruto’s allies, noting that they were struggling to hold their anger over the many challenges ravaging the country.

Nyoro spoke on Tuesday, May 3, while reacting to the President’s speech during the Labour Day celebrations. The head of state criticised his Deputy, William Ruto for failing to assist him in solving the country’s problems.

Addressing the press in Murang’a, the youthful MP faulted the president for assigning Ruto’s duties to other leaders within his close circle who ended up failing him miserably.

He added that some of the things that the Ruto wing had tolerated included clear budgetary sabotage that had left the country’s second in command to use his personal funds even when working for the state.

“Mr. President we are telling you to come very slowly. Do not provoke us as we are already angry over the high cost of living from the hiked prices of fertilizers and fuel,” Nyoro cautioned.

“I want Kenyans to know that the government has been disrespectful towards the DP but we don’t announce everything to the public,” he noted.

In a gloves-off approach, Nyoro claimed that Ruto also fueled his own cars when travelling for official duties – a task that he stated should be the government’s mandate.

Pointing an accusing finger at the Head of State, he noted that Uhuru had alienated DP Ruto hence causing the Jubilee administration to fail in delivering some of its promises to Kenyans.

“I want President Uhuru to tell Kenyans the truth that even after taking the duties of the DP and apportioning the same to other officers, he went ahead to [revoke the DP’s benefits]. When the DP is travelling around even on official duties, he fuels his cars, which is something the public is not aware of. “

“The president has mistreated his DP to the point of not picking his calls, revoking benefits such as fueling his cars and accompaniments at his office, not greeting him in public. If you’re not picking his calls, how can the DP reach you?” he posed.

Efforts by Kenyans.co.ke to reach DP Ruto’s office for clarification on the fuel allegations were futile as calls went unanswered.

The recent Labour day celebrations saw the strained relationship between Uhuru and his deputy escalate even further.

Uhuru fired salvos at Ruto, faulting him for not resigning and giving him the freedom to select another deputy who would assist him in carrying out official duties.

Moments after the culmination of the celebrations, Ruto issued a statement, blaming the president’s frustrations on the leaders who took the DP role but ended up failing in carrying out the duties.

“Sorry, my Boss. I feel your pain. Those you assigned my responsibilities and ‘project’ mzee have let you down miserably. They bangled our Big 4, killed our party and wasted your second term,” Ruto stated.


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