Oscar Sudi laid it bare on an interview with NTV on how he has struggled in life. A visibly emotional Sudi explained how his poor economic situation made him suffer socially. The MP unlike others who are handed life on a silver spoon was born an hustler. One of his earlier jobs was being a tout.

Being poor does not mean you do not have needs. Like any other virile man, Sudi longed for the touch of a woman. He wanted to love and be loved. The universe smiled at the poor boy and brought a beautiful woman his way. They fell in love and he spoiled her with the little makanga money he had.

It would have been a perfect love story like the one on the movies except for one issue. The girl had dreams. While she loved Sudi, she wanted to expand her horizons academically. When a chance came along for her to further studies, she did not look back.

They tearfully promised to love each other forever. The girl ideally was supposed to come back after finishing school so that they could start a family. “My salary was KSh 800 per month. I didn’t have a girl to date but found her later. But when she went to college, she changed her mind,” Sudi said.

Sudi did not let heartbreak dim his hustling spirit. He worked hard and against all odds he gave maiden speech at the August House in 2013 as representative of Kapseret Constituency. He has also not done bad in matters of academics as he boasts a diploma certificate. He has a pending case in court about how he got his academic certificates so we will not delve on that much.

Kapseret MP, Oscar Sudi accompanied by Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Oscar Sudi and another lawyer in the virtual court at the Nakuru Central Police Station on September 14, 2020.

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