Ford-Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula has castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta for what he termed as demeaning the symbol of the presidency and engaging in tribal politics.

Speaking on Wednesday while meeting the party aspirants in Bungoma, Wetangula said a president should be above tribal matters and above community since he is the symbol of unity, dignity and respect of the country.

Wetangula said President Kenyatta’s advisors are not advising him properly since Kenyans feel uneasy when he retreats to a region to speak politics of tribe.

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“Mr President, I have told you before that you only have one vote as the president so give Kenyans a chance to elect a president of their choice,” he said.

“Mr Uhuru please take an example of your predecessor, former president Mwai Kibaki, who after finishing his term let electorates decide whom they want to be their president.”

The lawmaker further asked the president to learn from the history as it was possible that he could fail with Raila the way the late former president Daniel arap Moi failed with him in the 2002 elections.

“Kenyans will reject you since they are democratic and free and they know whom to choose and whom not to,” he said.

“We as Ford-Kenya and Kenya Kwanza team want to compete fairly with Raila Odinga and his Azimio team without the president influencing anything.”

He added: “It’s not your duty constitutionally to tell Kenyans whom to succeed you since there is no law that tells you to give Kenyans a puppet as their president.”

Wetangula similarly urged President Kenyatta not to use public resources to determine his successor, while pointing out that he was certain the Sagana meeting had used taxpayers’ funds.

“We as Kenya Kwanza will win and give you the dignity of a retired president,” he said.


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