Kenya Kwanza Alliance brigade experienced another humiliating moment  during their rally  at the Kenyatta stadium in Kitale.

The noisy crowd would not give the leaders an ample time to address them, an indicator that they were not ready to support them.

The worst moment was when Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula was addressing them and he had to pause from time to time to ask them to listen to him.

“In the year 2013 you remember I came with Raila Odinga, 2017 I came with Raila and  Musalia. We told you we want to form the government but we did not manage, we realized…..Kijana…do you want to listen…wacha hio kijana,” Wetang’ula said in the midst of his speech.

He however went ahead to sell his agendas saying that the Kenya Kwanza alliance had traversed the country and all the regions had endorsed their union but he once again had to plead with the crowd to reduce the noise.

“Hata vuvuzela punguza, nataka kuwaomba vijana, you know the future belongs to you and it will be your future if you listen to ideas that we give to you na mkiskiza mambo itakuwa sawa,” the Ford Kenya leader told the crowd.

Another difficult moment during his address was when he tried to plead with the Kitale locals to vote for Kiminini MP as the governor of Trans Nzoia county.

“Finally as I finish, I request you to choose your governor carefully in the coming election,There are people who have brought a person from the DAP party. That party is just ODM. Team Kenya Kwanza Alliance we have brought you a candidate and that is Chris Wamalwa,” Wetang’ula said.

The crowd however openly rejected him with gestures and shouting but the Bungoma senator proceeded saying, “That is the candidate you will talk and walk with. My final word is that from the bottom to the top most position in elections should be Kenya Kwanza that is MCA, MP, senator, governor and president”

Sourced from Sonko news

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