Karen Nyamu Speaks on Having a Child With The President

Karen Nyamu is a Kenyan leader and a politician who has a reputation of arguing with her followers on social media every time they post anything touching her love life with Samidoh. Together with Samidoh they have sired two children despite Samidoh being married to Eddy Nderitu.

Some hours ago she posted a video of her and Samidoh enjoying a meal where she said that she belongs to Samidoh.

One of her followers commented on the post asking Karen what she would have done if she sired children with county commandant like her if just having a relationship with a police constable she is always on social media flaunting him.

Angry Karen Nyamu replied on the comment saying she can even give birth with the president if she want wondering who is a police commandant to her.

She went ahead and said she goes for love and not useless titles meaning she loves Samidoh despite his rank in the police force. She went ahead and said the police commandant she was talking about also respects her since she is a senator

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