Lawyer Miguna Miguna has criticised Chief Justice Martha Koome’s Wednesday move to appeal a ruling that permitted her to designate six judges should President Uhuru Kenyatta fail to appoint them.

Koome’s appeal alludes to her not wanting to ordain the six judges who were rejected by President Kenyatta over alleged integrity issues.

In a series of tweets, Miguna, who has announced plans to re-enter the country next week after almost three years in exile, said Koome’s decision undermines the Judiciary’s powers and mandate to deliver justice to the people of Kenya.

“It is astonishing that a CJ heading a grossly under-funded, humiliated and mistreated judiciary would decline to exercise powers affirmed to her by the High Court, merely to please a rogue despot who threatens judges and disobeys court orders,” Miguna tweeted.

Miguna similarly stated that by failing to appoint the six judges, Koome is encouraging the sedition of the constitution.

“All over the world, judges are immune from civil suits. They are expected not to get entangled in lawsuits that might end up before them. A judge who participates in, or encourages the subversion of the Constitution, and disobedience of court Orders, renounces her/his authority,” he said.

Miguna consequently slammed President Kenyatta’s regime and Koome accusing them of setting bad examples, on all matters legal, to the people of Kenya.

“Kenya is setting precedents in all spheres of mediocrity, authoritarianism and servility that would make Moi-era CJ Bernard Chunga to look like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Disgusting!” said Miguna.

By Citizen Digital

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