The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has seized assets worth Ksh.27 million belonging to a former senior police officer who served as a Traffic Base Commander at Malindi Police Station.

The officer, Chief Inspector Gabriel Mbiti Mulei, is believed to have fraudulently accumulated the assets including Ksh.8,153,959 in cash, six parcels of land and four motor vehicles valued to a tune of Ksh.19, 420,000 within a period of almost three years.

According to the EACC, during the period in question — June 18, 2008, to February 11, 2011 — the officer was earning a net salary of Ksh.20,000.

“The Plaintiff (EACC) received credible information that the Defendant herein (Mulei) had engaged in corruption and that he had acquired properties and wealth which was not commensurate to his known source of income.

The Plaintiff commenced investigations into the allegations of corruption and possession of the unexplained wealth by the Defendant,” submitted EACC.

EACC moved to seize Mulei’s assets after the High Court on June 30, 2222 ruled in favour of the anti-graft body declaring the property as unexplained assets.

The officer is also required to pay Ksh.10 million to the government as part of the unexplained assets he accumulated.

“EACC is proceeding to execute this Judgement. In addition, the defendant to pay the sum of Kshs. 10,536,199 to the Government of Kenya being the cumulative bank deposits made by him between 18th June ,2008 and 18th February 2011,” said EACC.

According to court documents, the officers only delcared assets during the period in question amounted to Ksh.2,382,240 amounted

“There was no mention whatsoever of the considerable deposits in his bank accounts and his other assets. In terms of income, the Defendant only declared “GROSS SALARY, DIVIDENDS AND SHAMBA INCOME” of Kshs. 1,382,240.00/= and “ASSETS” of Kshs. 1,000,000/=,” reads the documents in part

The Court ordered that the above assets be forfeited to the Government of Kenya.

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