Kenya has a number of tribes, which have different backgrounds but are identified mostly by culture, dressing, and food.

Each of the 42 Kenyan tribes adds up to the economic revenue and the country’s culture. Here is a list of the 5 richest tribes.


It the country’s most prominent tribe and are almost every part of the country.

They are the most industrious tribe by nature they have many businesses in and outside of the country, their own economy is almost half of the country’s budget. They are also the second most landholders after the Kalenjin community.

They also hold a number of powerful positions in the government, which aid their community. Kikuyus are close to the capital city and have utilized that on their businesses most of them work in the city and reside at their homes hence improving their counties’ economy.

  1. Kalenjin

They cover the largest part of the country’s land from the north to the south.

They have also succeeded immensely in agriculture, which is among the country’s revenues sources.

They are also the country’s pride when it comes to world athletics most of them have won medals for the country and earned a lot. They also have a number of powerful people in the government.


They are similar to the Kikuyus from the Bantu group.

They have success in both agriculture and businesses their growing economy has even forced the government to build a branch of the central bank of Kenya in Kisii town. Kisii’s are found in almost every part of the country like the Kikuyus.


The Somalis are known for business although they are not prominent they have success when it comes to business you cannot miss them in any town either selling mobile phones or owning a hotel. They are very aggressive people in anything they do.


They are the most prestigious tribe in Kenya. The Luo community are the most educated people who are in a number of white – collar jobs and do their work perfectly.

They have a number of professors in Kenyan Universities. Those who are not that educated have perfected their skills in anything they do. They are among the best tailors and ‘fundi’s.

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