One Kenya Alliance principals claim there are behind-the-scenes political machinations aimed at forcing them to back off the 2022 Presidential race.

The Oka bigwigs, who unveiled their 2022 campaigns in Kakamega county on Friday, however, insisted that they will not succumb to any intimidation.

This was the first time the outfit was coming out guns blazing to allege a political plot to have them support a certain presidential candidate in the 2022 State House battle.

Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi let the cat out of the bag, even alleging that calls were being made at night asking them to take a certain political direction.

Musalia said there are frantic efforts to coerce Oka to support a certain presidential candidate whom he did not name.

“So, this message must go out clearly kwamba mambo ya watu kushurutishwa ama watu kupigiwa simu usiku na kuambiwa lazima uende hapa ama pale tuachane na hayo maneno (Calling to talk people out of their ambitions should stop),” he said.

The visibly furious ANC boss did not state where the calls were coming from but went ahead to declare that Oka would not allow “anybody to impose leadership on Kenyans”.

“We must not allow anybody to impose leadership on us. We will not, we must not and we will never allow anybody to impose leadership on the people of Kenya. It is the people who will decide,” maintained Musalia.

Saying Kenyans must stand firm for the country to have a free and fair election in 2022, Musalia said the people must be allowed to make “a choice of their own free will”.

Other Oka co-principals also attended the event. They are Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Gideon Moi (Kanu), Moses Wetang’ula (Ford Kenya) and United Democratic Party boss Cyrus Jirongo.

This was the first time Oka was forcefully coming out to hold rallies as they fight off claims of widening cracks within the outfit over betrayal jitters.

Gideon, who has been accused of being sympathetic to ODM boss Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential bid, on Friday vowed to strengthen Oka.

“They have been saying Oka is only about boardroom talks, but today we are telling them that we have the fuel and the Jet A One is leaving the station,” the Baringo senator said.

He stressed that Oka will be open to other partners who would want to join the team to deliver a “different dispensation”.

“In this journey, we want everybody on board, there is no need to insult others. Let us stay together and united because the journey has just started,” he said.

The leaders also affirmed that Oka would remain intact amid claims that some of the principals are making secret contacts with rivals ahead of the 2022 polls.

“Let the media stop the propaganda that this one is talking secretly to that and all that, now report that we are one team and for the first time Kenya is going to be led by a team,” Kalonzo said.

There have been claims that Kalonzo could have been working on a political pact with Raila and that the move had jolted Musalia who was reported to be working on his fallback plan.

Yesterday, Kalonzo insisted that there was no friction in Oka, saying the principals would build consensus on their 2022 presidential ticket.

“Do not mind about who shall fly the Oka flag, we are united and whoever will get the ticket shall be the first among equals,” Kalonzo declared.

“We are not only strong together, but also united and with the ability to save this nation. We are not fighting among ourselves.”

Wetang’ula said the Oka team embodies the dreams of many Kenyans who want transformative leadership that will immediately address their challenges.

“The best leadership the country can ever have is in Oka and we appreciate that anyone among us is as good as the other. Our strength is dependent on our unity,” Wetang’ula said.

Oka means business, it is united and it shall not be divided, the Bungoma senator said.

“It is only the Oka movement that will change the fortunes of Kenyans.”

During the rally, some of the allies of the Oka chiefs put them under pressure to quickly agree on their 2022 flagbearer even as they warned them against working with Raila.

“If you make a mistake and join Raila, then know that you are on your own, we refuse to go back there again,” declared Kitui Senator Enock Wambua.

“I stand before you with humility to ask that you give us direction.”

Kakamega senator Cleopas Malala was even more explicit about what the future holds for the team.

“Our declaration is that the presidential candidate will come from One Kenya Alliance and if you make a mistake, we shall go our ways,” he warned.

Lugari MP Ayub Savula asked the Oka chiefs to get out of the boardroom and chart their 2022 path.

“We don’t want boardroom talks anymore, let us come out here and look for votes,” he said.

However, Jirongo warned the Oka supporters against insulting other political players, saying the outfit needs each person’s votes.

“Let us not abuse others, those whom we insult have supporters whom we want to persuade to vote for us,” he said.

By The Star Kenya

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