Kenyans Warned Against Using This Deadly Painkiller

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board has warned Kenyans against the use of Tamedol Oral Solution (Paracetamol Oral Solution, 120mg/5ml, 60 mls) manufactured by Biopharma Limited, Kenya. 

PPB in a statement posted on X platform on Wednesday said it had received numerous complaints on the quality of Tamedal Oral solution.

Following the complaints PPB says it conducted investigations which established that indeed the drug was not safe for use.

“The PPB indeed upon investigations confirmed that the product failed to meet the prescribed market authorization requirements and has initiated a mandatory recall of the product by the manufacturer in line with section 3 (A)i of the Pharmacy and Poisons Act,” PPD said.

PPB has asked Kenyans having the products to stop using them immediately and return the same to the nearest health facility.

Pharmacists and Hospitals have been warned against the sale and distribution of the product.”Stop all further distribution, sale, issuing or use of Tamedol oral suspension.

Member aid and the public are urged to return the product to their nearest Healthcare facility, while Healthcare facilities are instructed to return the products to their respective suppliers,” PPB stated.

The PPB asked Kenyans to exercise caution while dealing with drugs and ensure they use products that have been certified.

“The PPB wishes to assure the public that we have implemented rigorous measures to guarantee that medicines supplied to the Kenyan Market adhere to the requisite standards of quality, safety and efficacy.”

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