Photos of a Woman Claiming to Have Sired Two Children With President Uhuru.

It is a shocking and surprising day to citizens after a middled aged woman by the name Evelyn Ikandi Evermwende publicly announced that she sired two kids with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through her social media platforms, Everylin made a long post claiming that President Uhuru sired with her two children by the name Fathili Jomo and Ahadi Maria. Everlyin claimed that the president is a dead beat dad as he has never taken responsibility of his two kids.

The middle aged woman further alleges that when the president was in coast, she carried baby Ahadi to the statehouse and demanded to see the President. She was shown to his house where she explained herself and was told to wait for answers which she claims she hasn’t yet received.

Evelyn went ahead and revealed through the same platform that the first lady Mama Magret knows about her existence and the two children but she has never acknowledged her.

Evelyn’s claims are still not yet confirmed. K24 news will keep you updated on the issue.

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