Bodaboda Rider Killed By Bees After Stealing.

A Boda Boda rider in Bomet town is on the run after hundred of bees swarmed over a bike he had parked in a petrol station within Bomet town after he excused himself to take a meal in one of the eating joints adjacent to the fuel station.

According to Bomet central sub-county police boss Musa Omar, the rider, after coming out of the hotel, found his bike surrounded by curious onlookers who were taking photos and videos in excitement .

Mr.Omar added that the rider might have sensed danger and decided to disappear into thin air, prompting the owner of the petrol station to alert the police, who responded and cleared the crowd that had paralyzed operations in the business area.

“The bees were harmless. Our officers put the Boda Boda inside our car and brought it to the station. The bees, after some time, disappeared,” added Omar.

At the same time, he added, an investigation has started to find out who exactly the owner is.

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