The Karen Residents Association has written to Deputy President William Ruto with a host of complaints from its members who reside next to him and those that use the route outside his official residence.

The association, in the letter, said the members had constantly complained of a massive influx of insecurity cases along Karen Road that they said were perpetrated by people masquerading as the DP’s visitors.

They also cited occasional traffic gridlocks brought about by the numerous political and civilian delegations visiting the DP.

This, they said in the letter copied to the Inspector General of Police, had heavily inconvenienced them and their routines.

“We have received complaints of insecurity, noise and traffic gridlock attributed to entourages entering your official residence. Residents have complained of rising cases of mugging along the route conducted by aliens masquerading as visitors to your residence,” wrote the association Chairperson and Secretary James Hirst.

“The association is highly alarmed by the ever presence of suspicious persons roaming around the area against its rules on loitering. We wish to notify you of rampant traffic gridlock as a result of visitors parking on the roadsides and wayleaves awaiting clearance to your residence.”

Mr. Hirst added: “This gas caused unbearable inconvenience to residents commuting along the Karen road and adjoining lanes. We therefore request your office to speedily and conclusively look into the above matters, safeguard and restore peace and tranquility in our neighbourhood.”

By Citizen Digital

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