If you are reading this and you are a pauper, continue scrolling. If you are a millionaire you can go back to what you were doing before you clicked this link.

Sometimes when you are alone, you have definitely imagined how life would be like if you ran into billions. Maybe you have fantasized driving a Porsche or buying a beach house. Maybe your dream is to travel the world or vie for the presidency.

Regardless of your dream, there’s alway a picture of people you would like to be around you if you make it. There are people you would definitely kick out of your life if you made it. Some kick all the way to jail maybe. And definitely you would not want to succeed alone.

Well, it seems like Raila might succeed alone.

In the past months, Raila has made it his life’s journey to climb Mt Kenya. He has decided to face his past ghosts. For three times in a row, Mt Kenya has denied Raila chance to become the president.

To give credit where it is due, Raila is truly climbing the mountain. He has held rallies there in the last two months more than he has done in the past twenty years.

The sad part is that, the more he climbs the mountain, the more its residents climb down. Wamuchomba, Waiguru and Waruguru where some of the people he wanted to welcome him to the mountain.

Now news coming in is that former Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a has climbed down the mountain in a hurry and she has found a home in Rift Valley.

“I am now officially in UDA and I’m ready to seek re-election as the MP for Thika. I will be returning here to ensure that our children from impoverished families get education like we used to do when I was in power,” she said.

Now who will welcome Raila to the mountain?

Imagine climbing a mountain only to find yourself at the top but the whole village has ran away from you. Only Peter Kenneth and Maina Kamanda to console you. Sad.

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