Ndaragwa Member of Parliament Jeremiah Kioni has expressed confidence that Deputy President William Ruto will be expelled as the Jubilee vice-chair after the party’s National Delegates Conference (NDC) slated for November 30, 2021.
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Kioni indicated that the second in command had already made his political stance clear and campaigned under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party while still in office.

“There is no way that he (Ruto) can continue being a party leader in Jubilee after he has moved to UDA. All, I am saying is that if he expects to continue being a deputy party leader of Jubilee then he must be taking many people for a ride and I was saying we will leave it to their conscience,” Kioni said.

Speaking to Citizen TV , he took a jibe at Ruto, accusing him of undermining the ruling party.
“You stood and looked for votes under Jubilee, you did not have the courage to resign, you have moved out of the party and then you have started for four years you’ve been marketing your own party,” he explained.

But in a quick rejoinder, Uasin Gishu woman representative Gladys Boss played the defensive card saying UDA and its allies will wait and see if the decision to eject Ruto will be made.

She said that after the NDC, Ruto allies would then decide how to respond based on the legality of the dismissal and the party’s constitution.

Boss, however, labelled the NDC as ‘inconsequential’, claiming that a mass exodus of members had already occurred and that Jubilee only has a few members left.

“They will have the usual threats. They have already taken their position as the party that failed the aspirations of Kenyans so I do not see if the conference will mean anything,” she said.

On Thursday, November 4, lawmakers allied to Jubilee announced that they had officially initiated the process of expelling Ruto and his political allies from the president’s party.

Under the Jubilee Parliamentary Caucus, the MPs said that the party had cleaned house at the local and national level, shaking off most of the “bad elements”.

According to the lawmakers, they could not continue to harbour individuals known to have an insatiable appetite for looting public resources.

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