A delegation from Bungoma comprising of 60 people were left stranded at William Ruto’s residence in Karen after being denied audience with the deputy president.

The Bungoma delegation comprising of mostly youth arrived at Ruto’s Karen residence on Friday August 20th.

The delegation was however shocked after security at the DP’s official residence denied them entry into the premise.

Ruto’s security detail locked the 60 people out after learning that the delegation had not been invited to meet the DP.

One of Ruto’s aide while speaking to the press on condition of anonymity said that the delegation could have been misled because the they had not received official invitation to meet the DP.

The delegation from Bungoma that was locked out of Ruto’s residence

Ruto was said to be in his residence following up on Court of Appeal ruling on BBI as the delegation camped outside his gate.

That same Friday the DP also met other delegations from other regions of the country to secure support for his 2022 presidential bid.

The delegation from Bungoma stayed outside Ruto’s residence for hours hoping that the commotion they created could attract the DP’s attention and ultimately be allowed in.

It was until 3pm that the 60 people decided to take photos and post them online to attract the sympathies of well wishers who would later cater for their transport back home.

Nairobi based businessman Zachariah Baraza who hails from Bungoma county rushed to the rescue of the 60 people after learning of their plight.

Businessman Zachariah Baraza address the stranded delegation

Baraza, who is vying for Bungoma gubernatorial seat, threw sheds at Ruto for leaving the delegation stranded.

“These people are very many here, they are his voters, despite the poor communication system, they would have been allowed to meet him, their outcry is so loud,” Baraza lamented.

The aspiring politician gave the stranded delegation Ksh.30,000 to cater for their transport back home in Bungoma.

One of the stranded people Joseph Wafula said that the MP who invited them at Ruto’s residence was unavailable when contacted.

“We were denied entry despite receiving invitation through one of the MPs, our efforts to reach the legislator were futile but at least Baraza has come to our rescue after spending the whole day outside the DPs gate,” said Wafula.

Wafula said that they felt very bad because delegations from other regions were being ushered into Ruto’s residence while they were left stranded outside without any leader to cater for their needs.

“2022 is just next year, we will make our stand known, we will choose a leader who will understand and cater for our needs, not leaders who cannot be reached,” Wafula further grumbled.

Sourced from SonkO news

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