Kajiado East member of parliament Peris Tobiko’s move to host Deputy President William Ruto at her Irpolosat home in Kajiado has exposed a feud in the family after her husband came out gun blazing over the political rally.

Tobiko’s husband Kishanto Ole Suuji on Friday morning sort security apparatus’ intervention to stop the political rally on the basis of trespass to his matrimonial home.

However, the security officials said the meeting had been permitted and it was too late to disrupt the meeting as it would cause more tension.

A bitter Suuji claimed he is the homeowner and had not been consulted by his wife about hosting the DP and only learnt about the meeting on Thursday evening.

Addressing the media at Isinya police station, Mr Suuji said it was morally wrong to hold a meeting of such magnitude at his home without consulting him.

He distanced himself from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) politics saying he is pro-government of the day and cannot support such political moves to be held at his home.

Mr Suuji who is a civil servant says he is hurt and embarrassed by the meeting being held at his home.

Peris Tobiko has been a vocal pro jubilee and handshake leader until recently when romours went rife that she intended to ditch Jubilee for UDA.

It is until one week ago that she announced hosting the DP at her home today.

The DP has since arrived at home.

Sourced from K24 digital

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