It turns killer cop Bernard Sivo was married to another woman Joyce and that Mary Nyambura was only his mpanga wa kando.

Sivo has been making headlines ever since he shot his girlfriend Mary 15 times while she was receiving treatment in hospital.

Detectives are investigating the circumstances under which 28-year-old Sivo burst into a hospital and shot dead his 29-year-old girlfriend before turning the gun to himself later on.

Sivo appeared to have gone berserk, he went back to Njoro Police Station where he was based and started shooting in the air frenziedly, before he turned the gun on himself. He died of a single gunshot wound to his head.

Sivo’s widow Joyce told the press that her husband called her to explain his action before he ultimately took his own life.

Joyce says Sivo told her that he was pleased because he had finally killed the woman who was wrecking havoc in their marriage.

The widow further reveals that her husband bid her goodbye after breaking the ‘good’ news to her through the phones.

“Aliniambia nimeua mwanamke huwa anasumbua ndoa yangu na mimi pia nitajimaliza,” said Joyce while speaking on NTV.

Attempts to convince Sivo not to commit suicide were fruitless as he hanged up the phone on his wife and blew his brains out.

The killings shocked Njoro police officers as the late Sivo was on duty on Sunday night but asked permission from a colleague to answer a phone call only to disappeared and went to Njoro Sub-County Hospital where he shot his girlfriend Mary.

Sivo then went to the police station where he manned the station for 30 minutes before turning the gun to himself.

Story courtesy: Sonko news

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