Outspoken city lawyer and Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi on Friday, October 8, disclosed that the government had allegedly sent tractors and goons to demolish Weston Hotel.

In a statement, the Senior Counsel revealed that the operation was called off after those who had issued instructions changed their mind.

Ahmednassir further stated that his capacity as a counsel did not allow him to falsify such a grave matter.

“As counsel on record for Weston Hotel, I can officially confirm that the Government of the Republic of Kenya 48 hours ago sent tractors and goons to demolish the Hotel. The operation was called off after the tractors reached the hotel and the powers that be changed their mind,” Ahmednassir stated.

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi was the first to allege that there were plans to demolish the hotel on Wednesday.

In addition, Sudi shared photos of bulldozers that had allegedly been deployed to carry out the demolition.

“The Deep State are indeed cornered. They have today decided to express their fury by attempting to demolish Weston Hotel,” Oscar Sudi wrote on Facebook.

Following numerous concerns, Weston Hotel issued a statement asking its clients to disregard the rumours.

“We would like to clarify and assure our esteemed guests and the general public that the hotel operations are smoothly running without any interruption. Any contrary information should be disregarded,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

Weston Hotel is one of the properties that is listed under Deputy President William Ruto’s name.

Unfortunately, it has been at the centre of controversy for several years with claims that the 0.77 hectares of land it sits on was grabbed from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

However, in previous statements, Ruto rejected the claims, stating that his acquisition of the land was above board.

Deputy President William Ruto worshiping with congregants during Sunday service at The Global Cathedral on September 12 2021

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