Laikipia North Member of Parliament Sarah Korere on Wednesday, September 8, stated that tycoons and government agencies are secretly financing bandits who are behind the recent insecurity in the county.

Korere, who spoke at a morning show onSpice FM, noted that the banditswere using expensive weaponsthat could only be acquired by wealthy individuals.

She further explained that the bandits could not acquire the kind of machinery they were using without the help of rich accomplices and even some government agencies.

“Who is supplying these bullets to them? Of course the cattle barons. These are not small men. I want to believe from where I sit that even some government agencies are behind this.

“You don’t need rocket science to know what is happening. You know the bullets those bandits are using. They don’t get it for free. It is bought and they are very expensive,” the MP explained. The legislator further added that bandits had an unlimited supply of machinery.

“Yesterday they fired more than 100 bullets within 20 minutes and they are firing these bullets every night and every day,” Korere added.

Laikipia Governor, Ndiritu Muriithi, who was appearing alongside the MP, echoed her sentiments adding that security agencies have not apprehended those responsible for the attacks.

“Not a single bandithas been apprehended. Not a single one of them,” Muriithi stated.

The governor also added that the security agencies were at pains to explain the situation on the ground.

“The government officials have no real explanation. All the senior security personnel on the ground as we speak now, don’t have an explanation,” the governor remarked.

Muriithi called out the government for laxity, stating that the security agencieswere being reactiverather than being offensive.

“My view is that there is a timid reaction. We are reacting to what the bandits are doing instead of taking the fight to them,” he noted.

While addressing the press on Tuesday, September 6, Rift Valley Regional Commander George Natembeya stated that the bandits were using sophisticated weapons used by international armies.

“While our officers are using AK47 and G3 rifles, the bandits are using M16s and other heavy machinery, which are usually used by foreign armies who come for training in Kenya. We don’t know how they get these heavy weapons,” Natembeya stated.

Sourced from Kenyans

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