There was drama at the leafy suburbs of Kiharu Estate, Murang’a Town after a man confessed to Impregnating his wife’s mother.

According to Samson Njenga, the father-in-law, after his wife told him that she was pregnant, he got curious seeing that he had secretly gone to for male birth control (Implants) without his wife’s knowledge.

“I went to the doctor and got the ribbon since I did not want another child. So, when my wife came and told me that she was pregnant, I knew she hadd gone out of our wedlock,” Samson told Murang’a Newspaper.

He added that after the news of his wife being pregnant he confronted her and she admitted to cheating but did not reveal the man behind the pregnancy.

“I confronted her and she agreed to cheating. After a lot of back and forth and me threatening to divorce her, thats when she called Mwangi (the son-in-law) and my daughter. I thought she wanted them to plead with me not to divorce her little didd I know that I was in for a rude shock,”Samson stated.

After Mwangi and his wife arrived, the mother in law confessed to sleeping with the son.

Samson then called his clan members and her wife’s clan members together with his so in-laws family.

After much consultations with the elder, the woman will have to abort the baby following the right government procedures and the Kikuyu customs.

Seeing that this is an abomination in the Kikuyu community, the family will have to undergo serious creasing and rituals to avert a calamity which is in waiting.

Sourced from Murang’a newspaper

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