Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, but some cultures have unique rituals and traditions that are outright bizarre and will definitely appear strange to every outsider. Join us as we have a look at 15 of the weirdest wedding rituals and traditions from around the world.

Number 15: Cambodia. The Krung tribe is just one of the many tribes of Cambodia that have unique wedding traditions, but theirs is slightly different from anything you may have heard of. When a young woman from the tribe reaches the age of marriage, her father then has the obligation to build her a special cabin in the middle of the jungle.

But this cabin is not just any old cabin that’s built with logs. It’s a cabin of love where the young woman can have as many suitors as she wishes until she finds the one who makes her heart sing.

That’s right, in the Krung tribe, multiple dating is not only allowed, but it’s also encouraged. The cabin is built to give the young woman a private space to explore her romantic options and then make her choice. Once the young woman chooses her preferred suitor, he has no choice but to accept her proposal and then become her husband. But wait, it gets even more weird.

According to tradition, the husband is not allowed to spend the night with his new wife until he’s paid her father with a certain number of cows. That’s right, cows as in livestock. The more cows that he can produce, the more nights that he gets to spend with his wife. Now, you may wonder what happens if the husband cannot afford to pay the bride price for cows.

Well, according to the tradition, the couple cannot live together until he has paid the price in full. Although this tradition may seem odd to all of us, it’s a beautiful and essential part of the tribe’s culture and tradition. It’s fascinating to see how this practice has survived for centuries and is still relevant to them today.

Number 14: South China. Before the wedding preparations can commence, the couple must seek natural approval. But how do they do this? Well, get ready for some serious gore because it involves a little bit of chicken sacrifice.

Both the bride and the groom hold a chicken in one hand and perform a ceremony where they sacrifice the poor bird and then remove its liver. If the liver is in good condition, then it is considered a good omen, and they can then move forward with their wedding plans.

However, if not, they’ll need to try another time. This tradition may seem strange and barbaric to some, but it is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. It’s said to bring good luck and prosperity to the couple’s marriage.

It’s also a way of showing respect to nature and asking for its blessing on the couple’s union. In some regions of South China, the sacrificed chicken is then cooked and served as part of the wedding feast. It’s interesting to note that this tradition has been around for centuries, and it just goes to show how unique and diverse wedding traditions can be all around the world.

Number 13: Mauritania. In many parts of the world, the prevailing belief is that a thin and athletic body is the epitome of female beauty. However, in certain parts of Mauritania, the opposite holds true.

There, people believe that women who are on the heavier side represent fertility and abundance and are therefore more desirable as brides.

So, if a Mauritanian bride is deemed too thin by her groom or family, she’s expected to pack on the pounds before the wedding day. In fact, it’s common for a bride to consume copious amounts of food and drink during the weeks that lead up to the big day in order to ensure that she’s sufficiently plump and curvy.

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