Eric Omondi’s mother now finds herself thrust squarely in the middle of her son’s bitter chaotic feud with Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua. In an outburst that has left many worried and even concerned about the gifted comedian’s mental health, Eric lashed out at Ezekiel Mutua, but then, in the same breath, also lashed out at his own mother, issuing her with an ultimatum. Not stopping there, he went ahead to clearly state the consequences which he promised her mother would face in case bad comes to worse.

This latest turn of events now threatens to turn the feud into a family brawl. This is because, Eric Omondi’s mum is one of those prominent matriarchs who have given birth to more than one successful child. Apart from Eric, she is mother to Fred Omondi who is also another popular comedian, and their elder sister who resides abroad, and is known to be doing quite well over there.

It is doubtful whether these will take kindly to what Eric Omondi had to say to their mother.

In the shocking video, Eric who is dressed in an Avant Garde outfit, and appears to be in a club and seated next to an unidentified man, sternly issued a message to the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. He said that he was giving Mutua a last warning, and that if Mutua ever dared to even merely simply just try to mention the name of any creative artiste negatively, then he was going to face unspecified action.

He then proceeded to share a backstory to the incident. He said that he had initially decided to act against Mutua, but then he was advised to back off and concentrate on his comedy by his mum. Nevertheless, the comedian added that Mutua has continued to behave provocatively towards artistes, jailing some and frustrating others.

At this point, he issued a stern and menacing warning against Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, promising him that it was the last warning he would ever get. He then revealed that he had even told his own mother blankly without hesitating, that if Mutua persisted, he wouldn’t back down again next time, regardless of whether she advised him to do so.

Eric then dropped the bombshell, disclosing that he had told his mother if Mutua acts out again, and she advises him to calm down, then she was going to have only herself to blame because he will subject her to his rebellion- he will disregard her word and go ahead with his plan, irregardless of what she says.

Courtesy Kenyan Report

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