Chaos erupted at the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Executive meeting as a group of rowdy youths stormed the venue, causing the abrupt suspension of the gathering.

The meeting, which had convened to address party matters and discuss grassroots initiatives, quickly turned violent when the angry intruders assaulted ODM executives.

Expressing concern over the events, one of the party officials stated that signs of possible violence were evident even before the attackers arrived.

Sources have it that upon arrival in the morning, the ODM officials discovered that someone had made an attempt to set fire to the party offices.

The entrance had been scorched by flames, indicating a deliberate act of arson. Additionally, the plastic chairs, which had been arranged for the meeting the previous evening, were completely burned. In response, the party promptly reported the incident to the local authorities, urging them to investigate the matter.

The situation escalated when the disruptive group of youth barged into the meeting and began making baseless demands, specifically calling for the delegates to vacate the premises.

Initially, the ODM officials remained steadfast, refusing to yield to the unruly mob. However, tensions escalated further as the aggressive youths forcefully ejected the party officials from the venue, leaving them with no choice but to abandon the meeting.

The motive behind the intrusion and the identity of the perpetrators remain unknown at this time. The ODM leadership has vowed to cooperate fully with the police investigation to uncover the truth and hold the culprits accountable for their actions.

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