Funeral Turns Chaotic After Area MCA Started Beating Mourners

Kenyans and especially politicians have little or no regard to the solemnity of a burial ceremony. Whenever Kenyan politicians are given microphone to eulogize the departed, they use the opportunity to seek for votes or disparage their enemies.

This disease of using funeral occasions as campaign rallies start from the top and cascade down to the grassroot level. How many times have we seen top politicians in funerals chant that reggae must go on? Or lift a wheelbarrow while murmuring bottom up economic model?

Yesterday the behavior of disrespecting funerals continued in Bungoma after Kabula Member of County Assembly punched a mourner who heckled him during the burial of Vincent Wasike. While speaking to the audience, some youth started booing and heckling him. He got mad and threw a punch to one heckler. When fellow youth saw one of their own being attacked, a scuffle ensued. The MCA started fighting them as a group. Quite a courageous fellow that one.

Police were forced to shoot in the air to disperse the mourners and let the ceremony proceed. Watching the fight between the youth and MCA Vitalis Nyongesa were Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula and former Bumula MP Wakoli Bifwoli.

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