There was drama at the Milimani Law courts in Nairobi as an aggrieved wife demanded that the husband first “returns” her virginity prior to accepting any form of divorce.

The woman who could not take lightly separating with the husband even wanted her sharp pointed breasts back since that is how she was initially when getting into the union.

Apparently, the man had gone to court seeking divorce from the wife over undisclosed reasons. According to the husband, he had had enough of the wife and it was in his best interest if the two went separate ways.

Sources within the Milimani law courts hinted to Sonko News that the man was on a mission of getting another wife but it was proving tough due to the presence of his first wife whom they were not on good terms with.

“This man has on several occasions tried to do away with the wife to the extent of getting another woman. They have huge differences and it will need the power of the holy spirit to make them be in good terms alone. As their friend, i think the divorce would be the best choice ever so that everyone goes their separate ways in peace.” Said a man who happens to be their neighbor.

However, the wife gave tough conditions that would make her accept the divorce proposal from the husband. According to her, she will only accept such a thing if the husband pays her billions of shillings to cater for herself and probably use it to “purchase another virginity.”

The man is also said to be well off financially and it is on that basis why the wife is finding it very difficult to let him go and start life with a different woman.

Sourced from Sonko news

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