In the dawn of Friday, October 22, two couples engaged the police in a high octane chase after the latter mistook them for criminals.

Resident raises alarm
According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the two couples had packed their car in a neighbourhood in Ruai as they presumably had some quality time, arousing suspicion from a resident.

The concerned resident informed the officers stationed at the Ruai AP driving school who swiftly responded, arriving at the said neighbourhood in no time.
“A concerned neighbour, who contacted administration police officers stationed at the AP driving school in Ruai and informed them of a suspicious vehicle in the neighbourhood, whose occupants had unclear intentions,” narrated the DCI.

Couples speed off
However, upon noticing that the officers were around and were possibly pursuing them, the four lovebirds dashed into their vehicle and started speeding off.

The officers boarded their Landcruiser with which they chased the car along Kangundo Road.

“The highly skilled officers in critical infrastructure protection approached the vehicle cautiously from a distance. Suddenly, they saw silhouettes of human beings quickly jump into the vehicle that sped off, leaving behind a thick cloud of dust,” said the DCI.

Spotting no possibility to catch up with them, the officers shot the car’s rear tyres deflating them, bringing the speeding car to a grinding halt.
“The police van was struggling behind the Ford and the suspects showed no sign of stopping after a five-kilometre chase. But officers of the law aren’t to be easily outwitted. They deflated two of its tires in two precise shots, bringing the dramatic chase to an abrupt end,” stated DCI.

Couples: We’re not criminals, just having good time
Unable to move, the occupants of the car jumped out with their hands up to prove they were not criminals.

“No sooner had the cops approached the ill-fated truck than four naked occupants two men and two ladies jumped out, lifting their hands up in surrender. “Sisi sio wezi,” pleaded one of the ladies,” stated the DCI.

The officers later discovered that the four were not armed robbers, instead they had been having a good time, going by the physical state in which they were found.

Upon affirming that the four namely Vianney Kibet, Silvia Kasiva, Esther Karingari and Denzel Njiru were indeed not criminals, the officers escorted them to the Ruai police station.

Their car was also towed to the station.

Sourced from Tuko

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