Netizens differ with gorgeous city preacher Lucy Natasha over her recent social media post.

The preacher wrote, “As I was praying this morning, I heard the angel of the Lord saying to someone reading this post, the job you have been applying for is yours in Jesus name you shall hear good news.”

Ryan Ouma: “Wacha kucheza na sisi.”

“Sydney Amadi: “Hiyo ni uongo.”

Gabriel Oguda: “Tell us what the Angel of the Lord told you about fuel and electricity prices. Mambo ya jobs Ruto alisema tumwachie.”

Suenah Lemedero: “Preach to us about repentance and the kingdom of God and all others thing shall be given to us.”

Winnie Ronoh: “Now Rev you lying and its sinning.”

K Diguyo: “I am reading this out of curiosity. I am not looking for a job and if I did I won’t rely on prayers but move to search for one. Let’s be practical on the job front. Put in the hours I say and see yourself grow.”

Montana Mkuu: “Umewahi omba na ukaskia sauti Ile ya ukweli kabisa?? I don’t think it is even possible labda hallucinations.”

Allan Lucky responded to a comment and wrote,” Have faith, please.”

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