Celebrated lawyer John Khaminwa has offered to represent fugitive police officer Caroline Kangogo if she surrenders to the police.

Kangogo is the main suspect in the murder of Constable John Ogweno in Nakuru and a civilian, Peter Ndwiga, who both met death less than 24 hours apart.

On Tuesday, July 13, Khaminwa said he would move to court to seek orders barring pursuing and arresting the suspected killer cop saying her life is now in danger.

“We are ready and willing to represent her (Kangogo) in court. She should not be arrested under any circumstances, maybe she is sick and needs medical attention,” said Khaminwa.

The senior counsel further urged the runaway cop to surrender her firearms to the police or at any branches of Khaminwa Advocates in Mombasa, Nairobi, or Malindi.

If it becomes necessary for the police to interrogate her when she surrenders, Khaminwa said it should be done without placing her in custody.

The lawyer said Kangogo might not be the one who shot the two men as alleged.

“There are allegations that two people have been shot and there are allegations that she might have done it, it may also be that she is not the one as we have not heard her side of the story,” said Khaminwa.

Khaminwa was hired to represent the legal interests of Kangogo by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK).

Protected by police In a separate story, the investigations and pursuance of Kangogo took a new twist after detectives said she was part of a crime syndicate operating in the Rift Valley.

Fresh details indicate that the cop was involved in shady deals with her colleagues, who are now protecting and aiding her escape police dragnets.

Kangogo is said to be part of two crime syndicates involved in extortion, robberies and protection of politicians and businessmen in the vast Rift Valley.


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