Things seem to be falling apart between comedian DJ Shiti and his girlfriend DJ Pierra. This is evident after DJ Pierra took to her social media page to wish DJ Shiti’s one-year-old daughter nothing but bad luck in her future relationship life.

The two entertainers have been on-and-off relationship, a few months ago, they revealed that they were back together after a short breakup.

Barely two months after the reunion, it seems the two have once again broken up. On Saturday, DJ Pierra took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she had broken up with the former Househelp of Kawangware actor.

In a message that seemed to be directed to DJ Shiti, Pierra noted that she wished the comedian’s daughter to find a man who will treat her like he treats his lovers.

She further noted if DJ Shiti doesn’t wish her curse to befall her daughter, he needed to change his behavior.

“Dear men, May your daughters meet men like you,” DJ Pierra wrote.

If this disturbs you, change.”

In her message, Pierra did not, however, reveal the kind of behavior DJ Shiti that she finds disgusting.

Reacting to Pierra’s message, DJ Shiti took to social media to expressed his shocker at the kind of wish his lover was wishing his young daughter.

Pierra’s text comes a year after the funnyman welcomed his baby girl to the world. While revealing the birth of his baby girl, Shiti shared a photo of her on Instagram with an emoticon covering her face. Reports claim that DJ Shiti’s babygirl is called Mariam Auma Oduor Dede.

By Kenyan Report

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