Nairobi Deejay Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve collapsed on Wednesday, September 22, after being informed that his mother has passed on.

His mother, Mary Hongo died while being rushed to the hospital after developing breathing complications.

The family confirmed the news of her passing but failed to release the cause of her death.

Hongo had been playing an active role in nursing Dj Evolve after he sustained injuries that completely immobilised him.

Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve and Babu OwinoFILE

Following the shooting in 2019, Orinda spine was injured permanently placing him on daily nursing needs for movement, eating and nearly every other human activity.“Since January 17, everything stopped on my side because I couldn’t do anything and my child is in this condition,” she told the press in an interview conducted last year.

The DJ sustained gunshot wounds at a popular club after a scuffle with Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino.

Babu has since been charged with attempted murder but the case is still ongoing, Orinda’s family had sought to withdrawal in an out of court settlement.

In July this year, the Directorate of Public Communications (DPP) told a Nairobi court that  DJ Evolve’s family and Babu have made “tremendous progress” in their engagements.
They added that there were only a few remaining documents that they were expecting in order to facilitate an out of court settlement.

The vocal MP was arrested after CCTV footage caught him at the centre of the gun drama where the deejay was injured.

The footage showed a man alleged to be Babu pulling out his gun and seemingly firing in the direction of Orinda’s head.
The MP later claimed that the gun drama was as a result of fears that his life was in danger and that a group had surrounded him before firing his weapon.

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