Anti-government demonstrators perform cleansing ritual in Migori area where President William Ruto visited last week

At least two people sustained gunshot wounds as anti-government demonstrators rocked Migori county in places that President William Ruto visited on Saturday.

The President visited Uriri town and Nyarach centre in Rongo constituency hosted by rebel opposition legislators Mark Nyamita(Uriri) and Paul Abuor(Rongo).

While demonstrations in Migori town and other regions were peaceful, the two centres saw violence as police were forced to fire in the air and lob teargas at angry demonstrators.

“We had at least two patients admitted at Rongo subcounty hospital with bullet wounds. One still had a bullet lodged in the leg,” Maurice Otieno, the hospital’s medical superintendent said.

Otieno said the two received first aid treatment and were referred to Migori Referral Hospital.

There was fear the number of those affected was at six as others are reported to have been taken to the nearby Rosewood Hospital in Rongo town.

Migori police commander Mark Wanjala told the press he was not aware of the incident.

Protester leading the cleansing ritual in Migori area where President William Ruto visited last week.

Trouble started in Rongo as angry demonstrators converged at Nyarach centRE, where Ruto was hosted and started special prayers to cleanse the area before police arrested several demonstrators.

“When demonstrators went to Kamagambo police station to seek for the release of their colleague police opened fire at the crowd where others were injured,” Jackson Otiang’a said.

Angry demonstrators chanted songs against MP Abuor calling him a traitor and burning his effigies.

In Uriri armed police were on high alert as angry youths carrying placards and twigs chanted against their legislator Nyamita and president William Ruto accusing them of the high cost of living.

The group chanted “Nyamita Must Go!” “Ruto Must Go!” as they moved around the venue of the Saturday meeting.

Last week on Monday during similar demonstrations video of supporters of Nyamita and those of Azimio clashing made rounds on social media.

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