Kenya Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i has revealed full details of his last meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through a video which was seen online, the cabinet secretary talked about their secret meeting with Uhuru before he left the country The two politician’s talked about the funeral plans for the president’s lawyer Evans Monari, before he flew out of the country.

Speaking during the funeral of Uhuru’s lawyer. Matiang’i said that sometimes he is taken back by the kind of people President Kenyatta has interacted with on a personal level.

“To be frank with you there are times I get shocked about some of the people he knows personally. Like when he asks you about some Catholic priests from Gekano somewhere in Nyamira.

“I got shocked the other day myself to know that our president had gotten a group of orphaned children from around Eronge and he was supporting them through school. I know people may think we are saying this for politics but it takes a very distinct heart,” Matiang’i said.

The cabinet secretary revealed how surprised he was after realizing that president Uhuru could have time to spend with everyday Kenyans.

Matiang’i Tribute

According to the video that was shared by a local media, CS Matiang’i eulogised Monari as a person who was constrained by custom and was not ordered by the pedantry of life.

The cabinet secretary said:

“Monari talked to everyone. Even when we had certain challenges. The times when politics heats up and there are some people you cannot have a free conversation with…in moments of discussions, people concluded that let us send Monari to talk to them.”

The renowned politician went ahead and made a promise to the family of Monari. He pledged on supporting his wife and the kids .

“I know that nobody will replace your father but the prayers of all of us will give you the comfort and strength you need to walk the rest of the journey,” the CS consoled.

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