Former prime minister Raila Odinga have given out details on what he is planning on doing to the youths in Kenya.

Raila Odinga shared this sentiments while on a rally in Nairobi on Tuesday where he said that he main plan is to empower the youth since they are the future of tomorrow.

The politician claimed that he will offer four cabinet secretary positions to the youths. He added that his plan since when he was the prime minister is to ensure that Youths are well catered for. That is why he decided that once elected as the fifth president of kenya, he will try every means to best by them.

“When I was the prime minister, I had roundtable meetings with the business community and also the youth. The roundtables were being held quarterly so that we can get feedback from the youth on what problems they are facing and what we are doing. It is something I have tried before and will be part of my policy,” said Odinga

“On the issue of cabinet positions for the youth… I can say it will be more than four,” he added.

Odinga noted that if the youth are properly empowered, they become a proper source for wealth creation, further stating that this was part of the BBI agenda.

“If you don’t give them (youth) education and the necessary skills, they become drug unto the society but if properly empowered they become a proper source for wealth creation… and that is why we need to attend properly to this issue of the youth,” said Odinga.

“In the BBI we said very nice things. We wanted to create not just a department but Ministry for Youth Affairs and a national youth commission under that Ministry. That commission was going to ensure what is promised in policy documents is implemented.”

In conclusion of his speech concerning youths, the former prime minister said;

“I strongly believe that we need to put into use the youth energy that we have in this country… The youth can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you make use them… up to now the use has been a curse because they have not been given the requisite tools to be able to contribute well to the society,”

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