Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has continued with her onslaught attack on Deputy President William Ruto whom she accuses of disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Her latest attack comes amid claims by DP Ruto that he helped President Uhuru clinch the presidency both in the 2013 and 2017 elections.

In several of his rallies, Ruto has accused president Uhuru of pushing him and his allies outside the government yet they are the people who helped him build it.

“My friend, the president, did inform me that he needed space to work on his legacy as the fourth president, I obliged. And this led to my eventual retreat to the margins of a government that I had participated in forming,” Ruto said at UDA’s recent NDC.

Governor Ngilu, however, claims that there is no way Ruto would help the president clinch the presidency yet it was President Uhuru who pulled the larger amount of campaign resources to ensure they both won the elections.

The Narc party leader further claimed that it is the president’s side that delivered the most votes to the Jubilee government.

The first-term governor, therefore, asked DP Ruto to stop “chest-thumbing” that he helped the president insisting that it is the president who ensured Ruto got to his DP position.

“WHO MADE WHO? William Samoei Ruto is chest thumbing how he made Uhuru President, in what sense? Whose votes were more? His or Uhuru’s? Who’s campaigning resources were more? His or Uhuru’s? Uhuru gave Ruto employment, Ruto should be thanking the President not insulting him,” Ngilu said.


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