Deputy President William Ruto has shared a message of goodwill to all Kenyans.

In a statement on his social media handles, the DP acknowledged how challenging the year 2021 has been.

“Times have always been challenging in their own ways, but never as trying, harrowing and exhausting as the past year. I am sure that everyone feels they have given their all, and it has not seemed to be enough,” he stated.

He further acknowledged how resilient Kenyans have been in the wake of those challenging times even as they deployed their utmost creativity to remain put at the time of adversity.

“In our different ways, each one of us struggles to overcome difficulties through adaptation, creativity and a sheer dogged refusal to give up.

“We possess an inner resilience that has seen us through moments when everyone thought only a miracle would rescue us.

“We have had close shaves and near misses, endured daunting setbacks and been actively undermined by our adversaries,” he added.

DP Ruto added that despite the challenges, Kenyans stands a chance to do better if enabled and given a friendlier environment.

He championed his bottom-up economic model saying it is at the very bottom that the solutions to change the lives of many Kenyans lies.

“But here we are, still doing our best, often not knowing how it would turn out until the last minute. Millions of Kenyans would do more and fair better given a more friendly environment to work, use their creativity and talents. 

“At the bottom, where survival is a daily triumph, there are abundant lessons learnt, dreams that refuse to die, hope that flows abundantly. There lie our best strategies and pathway to the top,” he said.

He called on Kenyans to keep the fighting spirit and determination even as they usher in a new year.

The DP said Kenyans must remain hardworking and determined to make their dreams come true even as he wished them a prosperous new year.

“We must never lose faith that the promise is alive and that we can claim our portion of the divine abundance experience in our daily lives.

“We must never stop rising up early and working hard all day, every day until we turn hope into reality and make our dreams come true. Happy 2022 to all Kenyans,” he noted.

Sourced from Nairobi leo

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