Deputy President William Ruto is not the ideal candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

In a thinly-veiled attack at the DP, Ngilu blamed the Ruto for some of the failures of the current administration, accusing him of pulling President Uhuru Kenyatta behind in the quest to fulfil the Jubilee manifesto.

The Kitui Governor pointed out that while President Kenyatta was determined to achieve a good legacy, his efforts have been tarnished and undermined by some rogue government officials who are pushing their own agenda.

“Hatutaki piracy kwa nchi yetu ya Kenya. Tunataka kiongozi ambaye atafikiria maslahi ya watoto, kina mama, wazee na familia, sio mtu kutembea. Tulikuwa pamoja 2013 Rais Kenyatta akiwa na huyu DP wake na tukaona manifesto,” Ngilu said.

“I am speaking with confidence because I was part of that government na saa ile aliingia akasema mimi nataka 50 percent of serikali hii ya Kenyatta, Uhuru akampatia 50 percent. Yake yote ni 50 percent, wale wengine ni matapeli tupu.”  

Ngilu also claimed that had that the DP had a track record of failure when it comes to leading government dockets.

“Let me say here ukiangalia all the ministries and I am speaking confidently and authoritatively just look at the Ministry’s that he led, Anzia na energy, nimeona leo Kenya Power imeenda under, Kenya Pipeline imeenda under, Ministry of Agriculture na Finance  meenda under,” the Kitui Governor said.

At the same time, Ngilu questioned the source of Ruto’s campaign funds and asked the Deputy President to reveal where he gets the funds from.

She however lauded President Kenyatta and Odinga for inking the Building Bridges Initiative famously known as the ‘handshake’ citing that had it not been for their willingness to cooperate,  the country would have been in a far worse state than it is now.

“Yeye (Kenyatta) aliona 2017 akikosa kushika mtu ambaye anaweza kumsaidia, Kenya itazama ndio alifanya handshake na Baba. Mimi nilisema thank you. Thank you baba for support umepea Kenyatta kama haingekuwa wewe sijui tungekuwa wapi,” Ngilu said.

In her address, Ngilu also urged Kenyans to exercise caution when choosing leaders, emphasizing support for leaders who will bring development and unity to the country.

“As we wait for President Kenyatta’s term to end, we must have a person who we have confidence in to lead this country. Azimio la umoja ni kuleta serikali ambayo wananchi wako mbele na viongozi wangoje kidogo na si tumbo kwanza,” she said. 

By Citizen Digital

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