A woman has gone viral on social media after she recently caused a stir in a banking hall.

According to the woman, over one million naira was withdrawn from her account within thirty minutes, a withdrawal she never approved so she stormed the bank to demand answers over the apparent crime.

Speaking in Yoruba, she said ;

Money disappeared from my account.

Normally I don’t withdraw more than One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira from my Account daily.

Over 1 Million was stolen from my account within thiry minutes.

I ran to the bank, UBA while the act was going on they told me they can’t help me.

Even within the period I came in they could have stopped the people behind the act, but they did not respond to my alarm.

Since Friday i laid the complaint, now they are telling me they will send a mail to their headquarters.

Even Me, I can’t withdraw more than One Hundred and Fifty thousand Naira from my account, yet over 1 Million has now been stolen.

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