Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has promised a cash reward for anyone who relays information on furniture that was stolen from his friend’s business premises.

In a statement on Facebook, Sonko detailed that 25 sets of seats were stolen from his friend, a German national, around Shanzu area, Mombasa County.

He noted that the furniture was stolen during the lockdown period when businesses were closed.

“She’s offering a reward of Ksh250,000 to anyone who will give credible information which will lead to the recovery of furniture,” Sonko wrote.

It is not the first time that the former governor is offering cash rewards to Kenyans.

Last month, the politician offered a Ksh200,000 reward to anyone who offered information that would lead to the arrest of self-confessed serial killer, Masten Wanjala.

At the time, Wanjala had escaped from Jogoo Road Police Station and was yet to be found.

Masten, who was facing 13 counts of murder, was found two days after his escape in his rural home in Bungoma county where he was identified and subsequently lynched by the residents.

Sonko stated the cash reward would be distributed to the mob that ended the life of the late Wanjala.
“Since I had offered a reward of Ksh200,000 for the information leading to his arrest, I will now give the money to the group of youth who did this good job.

“I’m not doing this as PR (Public Relations) but the Sonko Rescue Team transported the bodies of the murdered children to various destinations for burial and the tears and pain that the parents and families went through was so big and they won’t forget,” remarked Sonko.

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