Citizen TV Presenter Jeff Koinange has opened up about being swindled by an international reggae artist who was visiting Nairobi.

Speaking during his morning radio show on Hot96 on Thursday, September 16, the award-winning journalist stated he did an event with the musician who belongs to a famous Jamaican reggae band but the payment never came through.

Jeff remarked that years after hosting the event for the Grammy-winning Jamaican reggae group, he was still waiting for his payment.

Amidst laughter, his fellow radio host Nick Odhiambo affirmed that Jeff even avoids listening to songs from the group since that ordeal.

The consummate journalist and author accepted the fate stating that he had moved on.

Jeff, however, did not delve deeper to give more details of what the event he hosted with the group was all about and even when it happened.

“I don’t they are coming to Kenya again, Jeff will be at the airport waiting for them. Call that Rastafarians,” Nick reacted to the ordeal while laughing.

“It’s all good brother, that is life,” Jeff responded to Nick.

The group had also been meeting with local investors, claiming that they were planning to establish agriculture and hospitality businesses in Nairobi.

With their trademark meld of sweet, multi-part vocal harmonies, soulful melodies, and innovative roots rhythms, the international reggae band has been at the forefront of reggae music for over twenty years.

Jeff on the other hand has been hosting a lot of events both international and local.

He currently hosts a popular country music festival dubbed Country Roads which features musician Sir Elvis.

By Kenyans

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