Avril Nyambura is one beautiful lady and if you don’t agree with this; then argue with yourself!

The singer who is popularly known for her sultry voice has not been as active as she was back in the day; when she would release hit after hit.

This is however because her schedule has not only been tight but hectic due to pregnancy; and the post baby life which is not any easier.

Well, back in 2o18 Avril and J Blessing are said to have been blessed with a handsome baby boy that they are yet to unveil on social media. Unlike most celebrity parents; Avril prefers keeping her baby off social media until he is old enough understand the pressure it comes with.

As for now we cannot confirm whether the lady is a single parent or is involved with someone else; however what we know is that Avril was among the first women to be created!

This is because it clearly looks like God took some extra hours molding and creating the stunning Avril. Just a few days ago the lass dropped a short video parading her curves; and boy is Avril beautiful!

The video has attracted several thirsty comments from fans looking for more than friendship. While others asked for her hand, others were ready to sell everything in their names just to have her.

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