Azimio-One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga has once again promised to seal all corruption loopholes if elected President.

He said by sealing the leakages, he will successfully fund his proposed social protection programme which will see vulnerable Kenyans get a monthly stipend of Sh 6,000.

Raila, while leading the coalition’s campaigns in Naivasha and Gilgil sub counties in Nakuru yesterday said his government was keen on closing down all avenues for corruption to the benefit of Kenyans.

He decried graft as the biggest hindrance to development and change in the country as the monies stolen daily was only benefiting a few and leaving the masses to suffer saying the same must change.

“Money which could have been used to bring water and roads to benefit Kenyans is only making its way into individuals, we will fight all these and ensure Kenyans are the right beneficiaries, all this will be corrected,” said Raila.

Raila said the social programme was sustainable and it was his promise to Kenyans saying he intends to keep the promise as he knows how the government works and how to generate revenue to uplift lives.

“I have been the prime minister for five years and I know where to stop corruption deals and ensure the money is put into proper use and assist Kenyans, you will see changes,” he said

Raila while hitting out at critics of his social protection programme said Kenyans have been losing a lot of money through dubious corruption deals stating that the same will change in his administration.

“I will bring massive transformation in the key sectors of the economy within 100 days in office if you give me that chance,the biggest challenge facing our country is corruption and that has been stabilizing our economy for a long time,” he said.

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